My artistic pursuits developed from a passion for exploring design through the art of visual storytelling and a love of nurturing connections and community. As a young child, I was fascinated by storytelling and how creative expression could be used to enrich it while building connections and a lasting impression. Along with learning about the power of imagery, I was intrigued by how the storyteller revealed their own unique style and artistry through their interpretation of it. Art has always captivated me and continues to with how it interweaves into communication and connection especially within the ever evolving world of tech and social media.

After a career working in fashion and fine jewelry design, along with marketing, I continued to develop my artistic style and work towards being involved in projects that help to better communities and the environment, Within my design company, Honeycomb Art Design, I have the pleasure of sharing my personal illustrations and visual stories, along with finding creative ways to give back to community causes. My greatest motivation is not only to honor my own artistic voice, but to encourage others to explore and share theirs as well, which led to the development of a STEAM inspired educational program, Makers 'N Shakers. After nearly 10 years now of working in education from the community arts to STEM school programs, I am looking forward to growing our design program with fun and engaging maker classes and community events. Through creativity, collaboration, and understanding I believe that community connections can be deepened and lead to greater progress.


Owner / Instructor



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